How To Choose The Best Men’s Briefcase

You might think that during the last months we’ve been discussing men’s bags more frequently than before. The reason is simple. We now have in the passage a store that specializes in men’s briefcases; Le Premier added Jack Russell bags to their selection, and in a pop-up shop sells wonderful briefcases and weekender bags. We’re just riding on a wave of bags. If you are happy with an over shoulder bag, which carry a conference logo or a laptop manufacturer’s logo, the following lines probably will not be anything for you. But we want to point out that, in addition to functionality, bags can be stylish. Simply they are complementary. The article is accompanied by photographs of the best men’s briefcases that can be bought online. We included bags that are simply wonderful! Some of the best briefcases can be found over at

We will not dig into types of bags, because they have already been covered by George. Rather, we’ll learn how to select a stylish bag. It’s not as simple as it seems at first glance, especially if you require quality and longevity.

1) The shape is subordinate to purpose

best breifcase for menEverything stems from the requirements that you have for the bage. Do you carry a laptop to work every day? Do you still carry a folding umbrella, and will you carry a small snack? Then probably a modern and narrow briefcase in which a wallet and a notebook hardly fits is not enough for you. The question of shape is the first thing you should think of. Will travel by public transport with a bag and need a strap? Our gentle halves often do not care about these problems. At least that’s indicated by their wardrobes crammed with handbags – they are nice and maybe they will use them once in a year. We, men, will settle for about one or two bags, so we should buy the ones most will meet our needs.

2) The bag should to grow with you

If you buy a good quality bag, it will last you several years. Therefore, you should realize that with one briefcase you could eund up in the director’s chair. Avoid situations that after your first promotion the bag is no longer appropriate for your position. When buying, think positively so forth, add some extra money and get a bag that you like and will come in handy to you even if you sit in a directorial chair in a few years.

3) Go for leather

Thin leather briefcaseThe material is a matter of personal taste. But we believe that the best material for a briefcase is leather. We recommend calf leather, which we believe is the best compromise between price and quality. In turn, Le Premier offers weekender bags madde of the famous Saffiano leather, famed by Prada. Of course, with the choice of material we are coming back to point one => purpose. Quality bags can be made of canvas. But in general, you will not make a mistake by going for quality leather never.

4) “Not Made in Asia”

You can buy relatively inexpensive bag she produced by a child in India, or the more expensive, which were produced by traditional brands from the Great Britain or USA manually. To this, there is not much to say. We just like to encourage manufacturers and brands that care for quality and tradition.

5) The inspiring story

We do not know about you, but we enjoy the stories behind the brands. You can certainly buy a bag that meets all the rules, but the story is that makes the bag even better. In the coming weeks you will enjoy the stories of our brands from the passage.