Fillet Knives: Perfect for Filleting Fish

If we are going to spend more time in the kitchen for cooking, we may need to know the function of every tool. For knives, there are so many types of them. Then, they have different function for each. The use of knife should be careful. It makes us know the ability of every knife, and then, it we will have effective work. We might have heard fillet knives. But not all of us may know the function of the best fillet knife.

Fillet knife reviews and overview

Oroshi_hocho_knivesThe fillet knife is made in thin and flexible blade. Its function is to fillet fish or meat. This knife will make filleting easier than using other kind of knife, such as a boning knife or a traditional chef’s knife. It could be a perfect tool to make a delicious dish from fish. The filleting process will not be any problem anymore.

Made from stainless steel, the fillet knife will be light. The stainless steel also will make the knife flexible but strong. Even though many knives are made from ceramic, when it comes to the best fillet knives, it cannot be. It is because the ceramic cannot be flexible. The main feature of the fillet knife is the flexible blade. With the measure between 5 until 11 inches, it can fillet from small fish until medium size. Fish with the middle length under 11 inches, it can be filleted perfectly with a regular fillet knives. The blade of the fillet knife is quite narrow. Besides that, the sharp tip is featured on the blade. But, most of the fillet knives are not serrated, even though the knife will be able to fillet the bigger fish if it is.

Distinguish the best fillet knives and boning knives

Filleting or boning a fish seems the same activity. However, we can able to differentiate from filleting a fish and boning a fish. We may still confuse the different between boning knives and fillet knives. The fillet knife is flexible and thinner than the boning knives. Then, it is made for cutting meat and fish. The shape of the boning knife and fillet knives is quite the same. But, it if is compared to other knives, the boning knife has thinner in blade. Then, the boning knife is not flexible like the fillet knife. Even though, we may find several boning knives are flexible. From the curve of the blade, the fillet knives do not have deep curve like the skinning knife has. Click here to read skinning knife reviews.